December 2016

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TOOWOOMBA region Mayor Paul Antonio says 2016 will go down as one of the region’s catalytic years.

Toowoomba is booming: Mayor Paul Antonio

"More bull dust from the bull dust King."

April 2016

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COUNCILLOR Carol Taylor is planning to use her term as the deputy mayor to unify council members and build a cohesive council.

New deputy mayor calls for councillors to unite

"I perceive at least 7 with LNP background about time they fessed up, 8 if you include the Mayor, not..."

November 2015

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THERE will be plenty of speculation in Toowoomba today after residents read our story on Ian Macfarlane’s likely impending retirement.

EDITORIAL: Who’s next as Member for Groom?

"Old Chainsaw retiring? Should have started before retiring just another lazy Tory politician perhaps..."

October 2015

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LEAGUE legend Andrew Johns has reportedly been stood down from today's rugby league grand final coverage following comments he made to a Pittsworth woman.

Johns dumped from grand final coverage over airport antics

"Let's not do that. If we sack every commentator for being drunk I would be getting a gig, wowsers"

July 2015

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BEN Apsey wants to bring a young voice to the Toowoomba Regional Council, but he knows he’s got a fight on his hands.

USQ student makes run at Toowoomba council

"Just what we need another potential Tory, haven't we got enough already, sorry mate you just blew your..."

April 2015

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MEMBER for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts has taken aim at the Palaszczuk-led Labor Government.

Watts takes aim at Labor Government over disarray

"What we need is the Murdoch press to stop meddling in politics and stop festering discontent, the..."

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MORE than 150 Toowoomba residents took their own lives in just four years.

152 suicides in Toowoomba in just three years

"Toowoomba is a soulless place, but linking suicide to climate change spending is a new low even for..."

March 2015

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RACING Queensland has stood down 23 more Queensland greyhound trainers as part of its investigation into live baiting.

Live baiting scandal: another 23 trainers stood down

"May be say God Save the Queen because nothing will save the Racing Queensland Board, sorry Gough"

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THE controversial detention basin in Garnet Lehmann Park is a step closer to completion and council says it is happy with the result.

Councillors tour controversial detention basin

"Glendale man, typical Tory response to facts, Bill Cahill is a decent bloke and to my info not Tory..."

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