July 2013

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Bob Katter sings a Christmas carol for Tweed and the southern Gold Coast.

Katter sings for Tweed

June 2013

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September 2012

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A WOMAN has launched an unconventional appeal against a speeding fine, claiming the Queensland Police Service hasn't yet proved it has the right to fine her.

Fined driver wants $94k

August 2012

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July 2012

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A QUEENSLAND Rail train etiquette campaign has become an online hit, but for all the wrong reasons.

Revenge of the rail passengers

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IT'S been a big few weeks for Down to Earth Events.

Celebration of all-ages music

May 2012

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I CAN remember meeting Robin Gibb for the first time back in early 1963.

My memories of Robin Gibb

March 2012

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IT might sound unsavoury and even downright unhygienic but I cooked with Poo in Bangkok and I liked it!

Poo adds extra flavour

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A SERIAL arsonist is believed to have targeted a young mum now living in fear after two cars were set alight in her driveway in separate attacks.

Arsonist targets young mum

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