August 2013

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We want to show off the best views from across regional Australia. Add a photo of your favourite spot in the Ipswich region to this photo gallery. (Click the Submit your image button below this gallery)

Best views of Ipswich

"All the stone work on top of Limestone Hill was done by the Relief workers during the 1929 depression..."

January 2013

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A CENTURY ago Ipswich residents gathered by their thousands under the stars to watch silent movies at the Atheneum and Lyceum outdoor theatres.

Golden age of Ipswich picture shows

"How well I remember the silent movies put on for the inmates at Sandy Gallop Mental institution every..."

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POLICE are still investigating the high-speed crash that killed two men and seriously injured another early on New Year’s Day.

Forensics police probe New Year dual fatality

"Is it necessary to have a University education or a forensic squad to work out the real reason for this..."

December 2012

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One man is dead after a light plane hits powerlines and crashes into a paddock across the road from Flame Lily Adventures near Burrum Heads.

Burrum Heads plane crash

"Sad to see a man of his calibre and popularity to die in such tragic circumstances"

September 2012

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75% say Newman is arrogant

"The change in people's ideas about our Premier just goes to show how many people at election time..."

August 2012

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THE iconic Ulster Hotel has stood firm through many a flood to serve beers again – and  after last year it has been no different.

Ulster back standing after floods

"Pleased to see it is still in the Dempsey Family, oldies ( like me ) will remember that long before..."

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Drink drivers face court

"Publishing the names of offenders should be compulsory at all times, on the front page preferably, then..."

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AN IPSWICH honour stone commemorating servicemen from the First World War was destroyed in a car crash.

Driver ruins war memorial

"Lets not forget the memorial's daily flag raiser, The late Jim Keenan, who would be very saddened by..."

July 2012

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CONTROVERSY is brewing over a world record attempt that was set to mark the end of Queensland's first Beer Week.

Guinness won't drink to record

"Thanks for the reminder to keep off the roads in that area while the contest is on and hope seriously..."

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NOT a week passes by without the goodwill of the Ipswich community being called upon to throw their support behind a worthy, awareness raising cause.

Week to raise awareness of beer

"Promoting beer drinking? they must be joking, next promotion could be drag racing on Brisbane Street on..."

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