December 2016

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IT'S the mantra of "no secrets, no surprises; that has cost the Fraser Coast Regional Council over $100,000.

Mayor's legal bill: thousands of rate payer dollars spent

"Let's see the CEO's legal bills over the years too, in the interests of balanced reporting. That would..."

July 2016

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The Fraser Coast Regional Council will spend $600,000 of ratepayers' money on office extensions.

CEO's office may move to mayors in $600k council extension

"What about the WBW Admin building in Ellengowan St - lots of empty desks there now"

March 2016

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QUEENSLAND has just recorded its highest number of female candidates vying for a position on local government.

OPINION: Lack of diversity in council disappointing

"The way I read this piece, Lea is focused more on why people of these under-represented groups don't..."

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Time and time again we see developers being given encouragement to over develop our precious land.

LETTER: Developers given green light to overdevelop our land

"Good letter Sue. The mayor recently boasted he has given away $23M to developers in our region. Has..."

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INCUMBENT mayor Gerard O’Connell has cemented his place amongst the business community as the favourite person to lead the Fraser Coast forward.

Mayor endorsed by chamber after second preference survey

"Gerard's actions over the last four years give credibility to the fact that an accountant and..."

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ONLY jobs can be cut in Chris Loft’s audit of the Fraser Coast Regional Council, incumbent mayor Gerard O’Connell has declared.

ELECTION 2016: Mayor challenges Loft on cuts

"If the only way money can be saved is by cutting jobs and services, how did Gerry save his $19M? ..."

November 2014

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<strong>VALE: </strong>Toni McRae was a beautiful soul who gave so much and took so little. She was my dear friend and long-time mentor.

Dear friend and mentor gave much and took little

"Thank you for sharing something so personal - such a beautiful testament to her life."

October 2014

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FRASER Coast Mayor Gerard O’Connell has defended what many have described as his Asian junket, labelling the highly controversial council trip a success.

Mayor says Asian junket 'worth every cent'

"Happy for them to be as progressive as they like providing they get the basics of their job right..."

September 2014

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<strong>EDITORIAL: </strong>A story in the Chronicle on Wednesday referred to a call by Islamic State to murder Australians “by any means possible”.

Is the Fraser Coast safe or are we in danger?

"Tweeter, 'I detest what you say, but will defend with my life your right to say it'."

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FRASER Coast Councillor Rolf Light is warning elderly residents to beware of phone scams after his own mother was contacted by crooked cold callers.

Pay up or your phone will be disconnected, woman told

"My elderly mother also got scammed by a company posing as Telstra - they actually transferred her..."

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