February 2015

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LIBERAL MPs who must decide whether to spill the leadership are confronted by a Newspoll that’s truly shocking for the embattled Prime Minister.

Should Abbott be given probation for the year?

"Abbott, "the Australian public deserve to keep the PM and government they vote for" no comment "

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THE new LNP Member for Gympie looked quite relaxed and even refreshed yesterday, as he reflected on three-and-a-half weeks of intense campaigning.

Perrett streets ahead but coy on win

"Gympie voted to get rid of our assets and pay for a railway line which would destroy the GBR, really..."

January 2015

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MEMBER for Gympie David Gibson handed in his keys yesterday, ending a political career spanning eight years and five months.

Gibson: life after politics ‘exciting’

"31st Jan 2015, The day Queensland voted to destroy the Great barrier Reef, Vale "

December 2014

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THERE wasn’t a dry eye in the Town Hall yesterday as Gympie Regional Council mayor Ron Dyne relinquished his role as our community’s leader.

Tears flow for leader of courage

"in our thoughts Ron , john and judy byatt "

June 2014

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CONSUMERS could soon be given some reprieve from the carbon tax, but the Abbott Government’s promised $550 a year in savings from the repeal may not eventuate.

Promised carbon tax repeal savings may not equal $550

"Mr Truss, i demand a $10 a week reduction as promised by you and Abbott,"

May 2014

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SUNSHINE Coast MP Peter Wellington's 'burqa bill' has been voted down by both sides of politics, despite support from Clive Palmer and Bob Katter MPs.

Wellington's burqa bill voted down by LNP and Labor

"respect their religion, make it a law that they must provide a fingerprint instead , problem solved..."

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EMBATTLED Gympie MP David Gibson announced the end of his political career, revealing that he was experiencing a nervous breakdown.

Gibson quits: 'I am experiencing a nervous breakdown'

"Read the headline that david had quit but he had not quit at all, just not running as lnp candidate for..."

April 2014

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A DEFIANT but shaken Member for Gympie faced the media yesterday, defending his integrity and vowing to fight for his political future.

Gibson blasts ‘dirt files’ as he vows to stay in politics

"This is very nasty, david made a mistake early on you are all unblemished by your own pasts? , if we..."

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THE Member for Gympie David Gibson hit back at the online attack from Rainbow Beach businessman and Independant candidate for the seat of Gympie Scott Elms.

David Gibson says he is seeking legal advice about attack

"This dirt file by elms may be newmans doing, david's demise was planned last year "

March 2014

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THE world has flicked off their switches for Earth Hour, with Australian landmarks among the first to go dark to show support of environmental issues.

Landmarks go dark as Australia switches off for Earth Hour

"The carbon tax is doing what it is supposed to, it needs to now cover transport and other..."

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