July 2013

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POLICE are fed up with the increasing number of parents disobeying road rules around a Buderim school drop-off zone.

Blitz to hit parents as chaos continues at drop-off zone

"All schools should have an "off road" drop off and pick up point.The edge of a main highway is not the..."

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KEVIN Rudd's sister wants Australia to introduce a Vladimir Putin-style ban on schoolchildren being taught about homosexuality.

Rudd's sister calls for Putin-style ban on gays in public

"Our modern society has abandoned all moral standards that used to be the pillars of society.There is a..."

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SUNSHINE Coast MP Peter Wellington says the State Government agreed to massive pay rises for MPs because "they thought they could get away with it".

MPs thought "everyone would forget" about passive pay rise

"This pay rise is disgusting and it just shows the contempt that most politicians have for the..."

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PET shops and pet abuse are on the agenda for the Australian Independents.

Party seeks ban on pet stores selling puppies and kittens

"How about looking at something that is important such as a total ban on internet pornography? This..."

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AN INFLUX of Sunshine Coast residents trying to find a way out of financial breakdown has created a two-week waiting list for free help.

More queue up for financial aid

"I don't think the ALP had anything to do with this! Businesses can,t afford to stay open because of..."

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SAMANTHA Armytage is supposed to be Mel Doyle’s “sexy” replacement on Sunrise, if you believe media reports quoting “inside sources”.

Samantha’s the new ‘sexy’ Mel

"Who is she with in your photo? Her Grandfather?"

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RISING tip fees and the scrapping of kerbside collections have been blamed for the proliferation of unofficial dump sites in remote parts of the Sunshine Coast.

Illegal dump sites take over forest trails and bushland

"Sunshine Coast has problems caused by ever rising charges,high unemployment and low wages for those..."

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AN INTERNATIONAL welfare group has called on the State Government to rethink its Sentenced Youth Boot Camps for young off-enders.

Youth boot camps come under fire

"Children have rights but so do victims! The slap on the wrist approach has failed now let us try a..."

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