February 2017

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IF Paul Murray's pub test is anything to go by Tony Abbott may well prove to be the Coalition's answer to countering One Nation.

Is Tony Abbott the answer to the rise of One Nation?

"abbott is a joke...."

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A TOOWOOMBA man was on the receiving end of a public racist attack but had the final say.

'This isn't your country': Man racially abused at plaza

"we do...the human race"

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Ben Wilson was excited to sign up for the NBN and chose a plan that would give him the top speed available but he didn't get what he wanted.

The big lie that NBN customers are being sold

"you are lucky to have ADSL and a phone, a lot of Aussies don't have such privileges yet still pay the..."

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Unofficial rules of the Nude Olympics and the deal breaker which could see the event canned at Byron, before it's even approved.

Nude Olympics etiquette explained

"should be compulsory"

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ONE in 10 families who use childcare, about 100,000, will be crippled by childcare costs by June, with their $7500 ­rebate cap exhausted.

100,000 families to hit childcare crunch in months

"taxpayers shouldnt be paying for other parents baby sitters"

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has agreed to hear the issues that matter most to the Coffs Coast in a Federal Government context.

Raise your issues with the Prime Minister

"why isnt the government doing anything about equal rights for gay australians ? why are they bringing..."

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CAN you see yourself helping shape what Coffs Harbour will look like in the future? If so, this might be the top job for you.

Five Coffs Coast jobs available right now

"for every 5 jobs available in australia there are 35 unemployed aussies, yet the the national party..."

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IT’S the question that hangs like a shadow over our nation’s heart: What does the government have to do to end the disadvantage of the First Australians?

The radical plan to confront Indigenous disadvantage

"giving large mining companies an advantage in dealing with aboriginals doesnt help the people."

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Floyd Mayweather has responded to a report he had agreed to fight Conor McGregor by insisting no deal has been made and he's happily retired.

Mayweather rubbishes McGregor fight reports

"boring fights stacked with over the hill fighters are just a rip off"

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EVERY day a truck driver gets behind a wheel, many feel it could be their last.

Freight drivers 15 times more likely to suffer fatality

"Gillard introduced leglislation to prevent this, but turnbull threw it out and made our roads more..."

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