July 2015

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AS the United States Supreme Court rules in favour of marriage equality in the US, Tony Abbott and ISIS have both opposed same-sex marriage.

Tony Abbott sides with ISIS on marriage equality

"How disgraceful and misleading for this reporter to link Tony Abbott to ISIS in this manner. It is..."

June 2015

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NEW research may suggest that grey nomads are turning off the road and becoming “greypreneurs”.

Working at 90: The rise of the 'greypreneurs'

"The Government regardless of which side of politics is hell bent on working us to the death. Or should..."

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A FORMER Rebels bikie member says the trial of the Yandina Seven should be aborted now that the bikie laws under which the men were charged are under review.

Dad says bikie trial futile with VLAD laws under review

"Well done Labour once again you show us all which side of justice and law you are on. Qld almost got..."

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FUEL prices rose sharply in Brisbane yesterday ahead of the long weekend and RACQ has warned Sunshine Coast motorists to get in quick before prices rise here.

Buy now before fuel prices leap on Coast, RACQ warns

"The Government and Petrol manufactures and distributors are in it again - ripping off the Consumer at..."

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THE Queensland Opposition will try and block rises to vehicle registration costs on Wednesday night.

Car rego prices going up with Peter Wellington's support

"Labour at it again - Ripping off the drivers once again. They can't help them selves. Being able to..."

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ALL greyhound racing boards have been abolished following recommendations from the Queensland Government inquiry into the industry.

Palaszczuk dumps racing boss in greyhound crackdown

"I have no idea of why this is such a surprise - it has been talked about around the traps for decades ..."

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IMAGINE marrying a man, and over the period of a decade, he changes religions and his lifestyle.
Then, he demands you and the children do the same.

EDITORIAL: What about ISIS women and Stockholm syndrome?

"Just Plain Stupid people "

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