August 2015

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EVER think it would be a good idea to put solar panels on your roof, then realised how much it costs?

Kevin saves big, pays nothing with solar power deal

"Being in a mobility scooter and running a 'farm' you do realise you will have to pay someone to 'clean'..."

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A WOODEND man already had a burglary offence to his name when he stole a safe, cash and two mobile phones from a North Ipswich store.

Habitual thief given get out of jail card

"youth ?? at 23 ...he 'should be an adult ' ! Where's the new magistrate Shearer ? "

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MORE than 800,000 are now officially unemployed in Australia with today's figures showing a jump in the seasonal jobless rate to 6.3 percent.

800,000 now looking for a job in Australia

"and that also doesn't count the workers made redundant who are not on the books receiving welfare !"

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OVER 700 local jobs are set to become available when Orion Springfield Central launches its Jobs Hub today.

Orion expansion brings 700 retail jobs to Ipswich

"Ipswich to me is the Central District.... story should read " Orion expansion brings retail jobs to..."

July 2015

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GOODNA Services Club president defends policy as pensioner's dream $65,054 jackpot turns out to be pokie machine glitch.

Pokie meltdown: $65k jackpot turns out to be machine glitch

"lol...there machines 'dont USUALLY exceed the $10.000 mark ! Rigged much Hope she wins in court..."

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WHEN you shove $240 worth of stolen groceries down your trousers, you're bound to get caught.

Thief stuffed $240 of groceries in his clothes

"He should be made to do the three month stint in jail...No Parole should be allowed at all ! "

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