December 2016

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Though there was no "criminal intent", this one driver's mistake on the road had tragic results for many.

Tragedy for truckie, refugee on Rockhampton road

"The old saying that the laws an ass has finally been proven correct right before our eyes with this..."

November 2016

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A mining company is raising funds to finance gold mining near Rockhampton

ASX move to fund Rockhampton gold mine

"Gold mines are bad news for ecology of any kind.. far worse than coal mining in my view.. I say no..."

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Her boyfriend had attempted to "run her through” with a metre long sword he had concealed in his pants and taken to school - all because she broke up with him.

Case that shocked a magistrate who thought he'd seen it all

"So it takes a room full of so called elite for a magistrate to talk about this? Hes right about one..."

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Mother of two Leilani Cooper-Shirvington knows too well how essential an after hours doctor service is for her family.

'Essential' after hours doctor service facing the axe

"To Michelle Landry: your LNP party are as slippery as ells. Here goes your party yet again..."

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"They act like they saved us"

Geoff Murphy: His side of the QRL $250,000 Capras bailout

"Geoff Murphy: I am the best! Just ask me. Signed by Geoff Murphy??? Oh..."

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This is local program is helping men to break barriers and face up to behaviours

Yarning circle gets men on the healing path

"Bemst these fellas head down to the riverbank nd chase up some of the local ri erbank people then cause..."

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PAULINE Hanson has her eyes on One Nation taking seats in Central Queensland as LNP deals with Brandis' 'mediocre' slur.

Pauline Hanson reveals CQ plan for exploiting 'mediocre' LNP

"For sure the LNP is damm woeful in CQ but so is the ALP. Perhaps it's time old Pauline had a long..."

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'More Australians could reap the benefit of education if it was more affordable': Brittany Lauga

LETTER: MP pays off HECS debt, calls for free tertiary education

"Typical of young people, want want want everything for nothi g these days. When you get a little..."

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KANYE West says he still wants to run for US president in four years.

Kanye still wants to run for US President in 2020

"When reading this story only one word comes to mind: wa*ker!"

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GEOFF Murphy will step down immediately as chairman of the Rockhampton Leagues Club Capras after four years at the helm.

Murphy bows out of Capras after four years as chairman

"Hardly important headlines.. some real stories please that are important to CQ... "

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