January 2020

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We may live in an age of Netflix, Playstations and Xbox, but regardless of how advance technology becomes, there is one much-loved machine that will never go out of style.

Flipping out over Coast’s only retro arcade

"Good to see my Addams Family score from last year is still there :P"

January 2019

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The protests about Australia Day are falling on deaf ears so there's nowhere else to go but whiter and brighter

Why we need a national White Privilege Day

"Re-read the paragraph where you mention that you didn't steal anything, or didn't receive a cracker in..."

December 2016

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HIGH school sweethearts Jai Brown and Laura Johnson have a world of opportunity in front of them after both achieved the top ATAR scores for their schools.

Clever couple: Top marks for Jai and Laura

"Thanks for the comments. We've already published a story on Laura, and McAuley Catholic College's..."

July 2016

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HOW sad is Australia becoming where a TV personality like Sonya Kruger can’t even say we need to cut immigration without racial protests.

Sonia Kruger should be allowed to speak on Muslims

"This argument simply doesn't stand up. By your argument, if I demanded a return to slavery and asked..."

June 2016

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Now the dust has settled on the Eddie McGuire Caroline Wilson affair I would just like to ask a question.

LETTER: Are we in danger of losing our sense of humour?

"The question I always put to people is - especially given his platform and standing, what if he was..."

February 2016

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WHEN people entrusted with leading your country openly dismiss who you are, would you want to continue being the target of daily persecution?

WATERCOOLER: The pain of words when facing sexuality, gender

"The answer is as simple as going to their website, where all the information is freely available."

May 2014

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THERE’S more to this stunning shot of the Harwood Sugar Mill under a starry sky than meets the eye.

Photographer exposes a heavenly beauty

"John, photography has never been about replicating the human eye's view of anything. As soon as you..."

July 2013

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IT was a sight to be seen yesterday, but not necessarily one for sore eyes.

Bloke humiliated on main road in his jocks after origin bet

"What has been seen cannot be unseen ..."

April 2012

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The potential of the National Broadband Network is only limited by the imagination and it is possible that many of its uses haven't even been thought of yet.

NBN brings new dawn

"Once again the anti-NBN rhetoric is trotted out without any actual research. Fibre IS the new..."

March 2012

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CLIVE Palmer’s Coolum resort has gone into administration as the battle over who manages the home of the Australian PGA. rages in the Supreme Court today.

Coolum resort in administration

"Seems like he's doing what FFA did to him. Maybe he'll make it the "Not Hyatt Coolum" resort now. Seems..."

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