May 2021

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Thousands still await roof repairs following freak storms from October last year

Building watchdog cracks down on dodgy storm repairs

"there just is not enough real tradies around, if work is being done on Your house it is very possible..."

March 2021

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Queensland has recorded three new cases of COVID-19, with health authorities believing one to be the 'missing link' in Brisbane's latest cluster.

One new virus case ‘could be patient X’

"Absolute rubbish We are expected to accept 25 becomes 5 ."

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The Palaszczuk government has left the door open to expanding its $200 voucher scheme to other parts of the state.

Where $200 tourism vouchers could go next

"Yes agree , $200 , very immature effort ."

February 2021

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LNP members — outraged that ex-presidents were on nemesis Clive Palmer’s yacht as the party lost the election — claim a top-down clean-out is needed.

How drinks on Clive Palmer’s yacht as LNP sank sparked a coup

"The LNP needs to remember , the greatest asset the Labor party has is Campbell Newman , will be that..."

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Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced tough new action to target repeat youth offenders, including new bail conditions and the use of GPS trackers in five key regions.

OVERHAUL: New bail laws, GPS tagging in youth crime blitz

"Some folks are brought up others getup with no knowledge other than their own thoughts , but , to put..."

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More than 1500 supporters have backed a petition to the State Government calling for consistent noise limits

Motorists demand changes in noise limit legislation

"H/D unbaffeled at 5am down battle axe driveway , not good for neighbourly relations ."

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Ipswich City Council reveals multimillion-dollar sale of four CBD buildings

$20.65M sale cements future of Ipswich health precinct

"These buildings sold for 20mil$ , Ipswich lost 17mil$ in the Ipswich Inc fiasco gives us some idea how..."

January 2021

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An undiagnosed COVID carrier could be living in Ipswich, health authorities fear

Virus fragments point to possible ‘undetected case’

"Jeff ,I don't agree with you , it's educating the population this is real it's a pandemic not a..."

December 2020

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Donald Trump has shared a post saying two of his own party’s leaders will “soon be going to jail” for their actions in the US election.

‘Going to jail soon’: Ominous threat

"Why not turn off the commentary , same old stuff day after day ."

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A man says his new $400,000 house has so many defects – including inadequate cyclone protection – it might be cheaper to knock it down and start again.

‘Catastrophic’: New home with 75 defects

"The owner here may be left high and dry, as the issues may greater than the QBCC insurance will..."

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