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October 2014

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"CHALLENGES and risks" associated with coal seam gas can be managed, NSW's Chief Scientist has said in her final report on the CSG industry.

"Risks and challenges" of CSG manageable: chief scientist

"A complete BAN is called for in Australia on CSG!!"

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AN EMACIATED horse was euthanased on a property at Loftville, near Lismore, on Monday night, following a report made to the RSPCA and Richmond police last week.

Horse waits two-years to be rescued, only to be euthenased

"That is shocking, people like myself would have loved to adopt that horse, giving it a loving, safe..."

September 2014

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WHEN a few coal seam gas wells began springing up around John Jenkyn’s property, he welcomed what he believed was a progressive and necessary industry.

John Jenkyn welcomed CSG, now he wishes he'd locked the gate

"Totally agree Hardley, not many people like Alan Jones but at least he has balls is outspoken n honest."

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THE State Government says it will continue its freeze on petroleum exploration licence applications for another 12 months.

Coal seam gas exploration licence freeze extended for a year

"Nor do I Keith!"

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A FOAL is turning heads – and it’s not because of its lineage, but for its rare white colour.

All white all right for All Blacks

"Gorgeous, I want one! :-) ! Then on a sad note u hear of all the other cruelty, heartbreak of these..."

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A CANADIAN man is facing charges of reptile smuggling after 51 turtles were allegedly found strapped to his groin and legs as he crossed the US-Canada border.

Man 'tried to smuggle 51 turtles in his trousers'

"Hope one bit him, u know where! Throw him in jail!"

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WHILE Lismore partied it up at the races on Thursday, an emaciated horse wasted away in a paddock just outside of town.

Cruelty drags on for horse

"This needs to b acted on immediately, rescue the horses n. other animals on the property, adopt them..."

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