March 2020

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August 2018

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JIM Madden has declared he was a victim of bullying by the same long-time councillors who targeted Ipswich City Council staff.

State MP reveals 'bullying' by long-time Ipswich councillors

"Doesn't seem to care about bullying when its his ETU, CFMEU and AWU mates doing it!"

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An apology to the Ipswich community should be the final action councillors take when they meet today for the last time, Jo-Ann Miller has declared.

Ipswich 'needs an apology' in council's dying hour

"Labor in Ipswich is in disarray. The Likes of Tully and Miller have been in cahoots for decades... it..."

September 2016

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Time for rhetoric is over. Ipswich is crying out for Racing Queensalnd to open coffers

OPINION: MPs must be vocal on Turf Club funding

"Perhaps the old up on this is the Palaszczuk Labor government is planning a NSW ban on Greyhound..."

August 2016

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"A big Aboriginal woman was being quite offensive and said 'I own the country and you don't deserve to be in a wheelchair because you can walk if you want to'."

Woman in wheelchair attacked in broad daylight

"The "this is my land.." attitude needs to change. We're all Australians."

July 2016

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Petition response show how concerned people in Blair are with Turnbull's plans for health

Over 700 petitions begging Neumann to save Medicare

"Of nearly 100 000 voters? lol People see through this fake smear campaign"

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I'M proud to represent and work hard for Ipswich and the Somerset region.

BLAIR: Shayne Neumann, Labor

"He doesn't care. Because after 9 years, he just cares about one thing; saving his job as an MP"

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I ENTERED politics in 2013 because I had lived in our region for many years, had raised my family here and wanted to make our community a better place.

BLAIR: Teresa Harding, LNP

"Go Teresa, you have worked so hard for our region since 2013!"

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June 2016

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LNP candidate Teresa Harding met with meatworks employees yesterday over a sausage sizzle during their morning smoko break.

Blair LNP candidate throws her support behind workers

"It was clearly a Union event attended by the LNP candidate. They were obviously happy to finally..."

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