February 2017

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THE Liberal National Party has ruled out any coalition with One Nation ahead of the next state election.

NO DEAL: LNP rules out coalition with One Nation

" That's OK Mr Nicholls have no fears, The voters are too far at odds to be voting LNP anyway. The LNP..."

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Speaker and Member for Nicklin Peter Wellington announces he will bow out of politics.

Speaker Peter Wellington to bow out of politics

" Yes, Its just a pity that the LNP have nobody in their ranks to match the calibre Peter Wellington . ..."

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Anonymous MP: 'My experience is that the 'man in the street' thinks politicians are better paid than they are.'

The sneaky way QLD MPs sought more pay

"And Ian Macdonald thinks he is underpaid Geeesch !. If he was paid half as much it would still be..."

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CORY Bernardi has outlined part of his plan to “clean up Canberra” and Tony Abbott is in the firing line.

Axe Life Gold Pass for one-term PMs: Bernardi

"Well Ian Macdonald can feel free to take a ordinary pensioners income if he feels so hard done by then..."

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NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow should not be copping a bucketing for saying Australians do not want super-fast broadband, he’s right.

NBN Co CEO is right, Aussies don't want super-fast broadband

"The NBN is pure and utter rubbish. The snail speed is a far cry from the speeds promised and certainly..."

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A Mackay dad was publicly shamed for going into a parents' room to change and feed his seven-week-old baby girl.

Dad called 'disgusting' for feeding daughter in shopping centre parents' room

"What part of "Parents room " ( plural ) is it that these stupid complainers do not understand ? What..."

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LESS than a year after Tigerair launched its first international flights to Bali, the low cost carrier has been forced to cancel the service.

Airline cancels all its Australian flights to Bali

"That's a good thing . The less people that go to Bali the better. Indonesia is not a safe place."

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MALCOLM Turnbull will pledge to put an extra $750 in the pockets of average Aussies every year at his first big speech of the year.

PM PAYDAY? $750 for every family, says Malcolm Turnbull

"Are there any full time workers left in this Country ? . Most are either contract or casuals. I smell..."

January 2017

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She used a loophole to book $225,000 worth of mostly free flights for members of her church congregation, family and friends.

"Devoutly religious" woman jailed for ripping off airline

"Fleece thy neighbour and covet the unsuspecting."

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