January 2018

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HOONS beware: police are about to launch a crackdown on one of the Sunshine Coast's hot spots for lawbreaking revheads.

Police hit overdrive in hooning hot spot crackdown

"That sign should give the Number. Unless someone has an old mobile they don't know what the number..."

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FOLLOWING in the footsteps of an Australian politician, a woman has spent the better part of two years defending a charge of failing to stop at a red light.

Driver spends two years fighting red light charge

""convicted of failing to stop at a yellow light after the presiding magistrate changed her charge at..."

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THE council is preparing to host a workshop to explain parking management and legislation, following complaints from residents over fines for verge parking.

Anger over fines sparks workshop on parking rules

""In managing parking across our region, we must balance the need to provide a corridor of safety on the..."

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Call to halt mass invasions of our natural beach getaways

Surfriders say stop this Double Is invasion

"Even longdrops would have to be at least 10 metres deep. Compost toilets are the way to go, but I..."

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Thought you knew all the road rules? Think again

9 road rules you should know

"6. Bicycles must have a warning bell I have probably seen maybe 3 bicycles that comply in the last 10..."

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"I can do everything men can do and if anything, being a woman has helped me with my career.” Coast woman becomes first female in Australia to master career.

Coast tradie first female to become master at career

"Interesting that they are termed "Master Technician", not Fitter or Mechanic. Can these technicians..."

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A COAST woman is questioning why council officers aren't using discretion after copping a $252 fine for not restraining her dog on a deserted beach.

This deaf dog on deserted beach 'out of control': council

""Should council officers show more discretion on fines over dogs?" I have agreed they should, but, do..."

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UP TO 100 tonnes of pineapples are rotting on the ground

Golden Circle of hell for farmers as pineapples rot on ground

"Donald will sort it out!!"

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