September 2020

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More than two million Aussies are about to have their monthly income slashed by $600 as a raft of unpopular changes come into affect.

Date Aussie incomes will plummet

"Time to go fruit picking people"

June 2020

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As one of rugby league’s greats, Steve Roach’s opinion carries plenty of weight — and he’s delivered a stunning assessment of the NRL’s current forward crop.

League legend’s big call on modern NRL forwards

"The best front rowers run onto the ball, not like broncos forwards who think they only need 2 steps..."

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You can’t get a Facebook account in Australia unless you are 13 years old but you can be put in detention at age 10. Now there are calls for change.

Calls for Australia to change ‘cruel’ system

"By putting them in detention it may take them away from elements causing them to be criminal, but puts..."

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An incoming Greens Senator wants Queensland and other states to be renamed because of the history associated with their namesakes.

Push to change Queensland's name to something more PC

"Last time I looked Gin was a drink. 🤔 "

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Foreign-owned contractors have locked Aussies out of up to $50 billion worth of essential road, rail and other infrastructure projects, an association says.

Foreigners keep locals locked out of $50b in projects

"Wagners just built a bloody airport plus all the concrete beam testing they’ve done at Uni, I think..."

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Australian NBA star Patty Mills has hit out at Australian leaders after calls were made for people not to attend a Black Lives Matter protest

NBA star Patty Mills calls out Australia’s leaders

"About 2600 deaths in custody since 1980 about 400-500 indigenous, 2100 non indigenous, why has this..."

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As racial tensions reach fever pitch around the world, a video of an Aboriginal teen being forced to ground by a NSW police officer surfaces.

WATCH: Cop forces Aboriginal teen to the ground.

"Telling a cop your going to break his jaw, not the smartest thing to say. Smart mouths don’t help..."

May 2020

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An unapologetic Annastacia Palaszczuk is sticking to her guns while copping another barrage of attacks over her decision to keep Queensland's borders closed.

Full blown border war: Unapologetic Anna under attack

"So the southerners can’t come up for their winter hideaway this year that’s where the pressure is..."

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As federal and state governments feud over whether schools should reopen, a leaked recording has revealed the Queensland Premier’s reasoning on the issue.

Leaked audio: Why Premier won’t reopen schools

"How many people have died of the normal flu in the last few years and everyone still went to school and..."

April 2020

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The Federal Government's move to establish a strategic fuel reserve has a major catch - it won't be stored in Australia.

Australia's $94M boost to fuel reserves raises key question

"How about we refine our own fuel and be self reliant like we use to, but that would make too much..."

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