January 2017

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THE Future Leaders group revealed its 2017 mentoring program to provide professional development for young workers across all industries.

Hot shot youngsters have ambitious plans for city

"Can't be any worse than our current Chamber..............."

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SAY goodbye to rainbow sweets and over the top milkshakes and say hello to health food.

Food trends Toowoomba cafes owners need to know about

"If I go out to eat it sure as hell isn't going to be healthy. I go out to eat tasty food! Not lettuce..."

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TOOWOOMBA Chamber of Commerce president Joy Mingay denies any turmoil in the organisation, despite a shock redundancy.

Shock redundancy, board changes: chamber does it tough

"I'm pretty sure Helen Jentz didn't move back to Canberra. And I'm pretty sure we need an entirely new..."

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IF YOUR 2017 goal is to buy a house, The Chronicle has done the hard work for you with this list of 10 cheap yet funky homes on the market in Toowoomba.

10 cheap, quirky Toowoomba houses on the market

"Yeah, they all look like great places to live. If you want to get robbed. Or shot......"

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December 2016

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<strong>BREAKING:</strong> A plan by a Buddhist group to transform a former prison in Westbrook has gained the support of council planning officers.

Plan to transform prison into Buddhist centre inches closer

"look at where they are proposing to have the centre. Is it a residential area with 20 parking spots..."

November 2016

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<strong>UPDATE:</strong> The first commercial flight from Darwin to Townsville and on to Toowoomba has arrived at Wellcamp.

First commercial Townsville flight lands at Wellcamp

"What is your problem with this airport? You obviously don't travel for business? Or pleasure for that..."

September 2016

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A GRAND colonial mansion located in the middle of Toowoomba but is not known by many is on the market for the first time in 13 years.

City’s grand colonial mansion you don’t know exists

"This property has been on and off the market fr the last years straight! The owner just has it priced..."

August 2016

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TOOWOOMBA may be a great place to live, work and play, but here are 8 things that we would really not prefer to be known for.

8 things we'd rather Toowoomba wasn't known for

"I hope you aren't talking about the Wellcamp airport? It is a success and is only going to get better."

July 2016

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DAVID Janetzki has claimed victory in the seat of Toowoomba South following the by-election.

LNP claims Toowoomba South with by-election win

"Go and have a chat to him Rai. You might be surprised. He is a decent bloke and will give his all for..."

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