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US President Donald Trump says “Rocket Man” is on a “suicide mission”, in a shock debut speech at the United Nations.

Donald Trump vows to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea

"What will you say when NK attacks someone will you still try to defend the maniac."

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MARSEILLE defender Adil Rami is “terribly jealous” of girlfriend Pamela Anderson’s relationship with a famous Australia sange, says the actress.

Pamela Anderson's boyfriend jealous of famous Australian

"I thought the elderly were more secure than that grandma."

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IT’S JUST one day until Apple’s newest smartwatch goes on sale, and there’s a problem — just the small fact it doesn’t actually work like advertised.

Apple Watch Series 3 has embarrassing glitch

"Apple are always good for a laugh as are those who buy their overblown over priced garbage. "

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An ex-regime insider has risked her life to expose Kim Jong-un’s depraved use of teen sex slaves, extravagant diet and executions

'Bodies blown to bits': the depravity of Kim Jong-un

"Yea lets continue to try to appease this maniac like some here think we should. After all he will never..."

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IF our weight was on the fire danger rating scale, the needle would now be officially pointed at “catastrophic”.

Use sugar tax to offset costs of better foods

""Use sugar tax to offset costs of better foods". Yea like that's what would actually happen with the..."

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POLICE are trying to locate two teenagers officers believe were involved in a "senseless” act of vandalism at the Bowen Cemetery last month.

Police looking for two teens over cemetery vandalism

"Putting aside your deplorable comments on the last resting place of peoples loved ones, do you really..."

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AFTER months of speculation, debate and community consultation the Turnbull Government has decided to roll out the Cashless Debit Card in Bundaberg.

Cashless welfare card coming for Bundaberg, Hervey Bay

"And the latest waste is this. "A Federal Government trial restricting how Centrelink recipients can..."

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