August 2020

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The third woman facing charges for lying about visiting virus-riddled Melbourne has been identified.

Third member of COVID trio identified

"How you speak to low life like these?"

July 2020

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"It is abundantly clear that Sir John Kerr acted very properly and courageously throughout."

Why John Kerr was right to dismiss Gough Whitlam

"How could a drunk wearing a top hat and tails possibly be able to dismissed a prime minister elected by..."

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A former adviser to Donald Trump has rubbished a key argument the President used to profess his innocence in the impeachment trial this year.

‘Utter nonsense’: Trump’s excuse mocked

"This disaster area will try anything. Just when people say he wont do that, surely and then he does."

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A Brisbane community college principal has confirmed one of two COVID-positive teens at the centre of a feared outbreak is a former student

Coronavirus Qld: Covid teen's school in quarantine

"In one sense its no big deal, in the way It hasn't happened more times. However I just wonder how a..."

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The Ipswich City Council budget, entitled 'A budget to advance Ipswich' delivers a massive $146 million infrastructure boost across the city.

REVEALED: Here's how much your rates will go up this year

"Rates higher in Ipswich than Brisbane . Us ratepayers want answers. At a time when the federal govt, is..."

May 2020

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Home Affairs boss Michael Pezzullo will face questions over his department's involvement in allowing a cruise ship carrying passengers with coronavirus to dock.

Home Affairs to face cruise ship questions

"Rumor is that the powers that be are pressing for a white wash. Its already started with Sco mo 's..."

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A Port Authority official thought the Ruby Princess cruise ship was deemed 'low risk' when a port worker boarded, an inquiry into the fiasco has heard.

Port Authority official thought Ruby Princess was 'low risk'

"So Ms Kessler is in charge of cruise ship matters. Hazzard tells us what a brilliant team of..."

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A government health official has been brought to tears during a tense inquiry into the handling of the Ruby Princess fiasco.

Official apologises in tearful Ruby Princess testimony

"So Ms Kessler was in tears. Never heard of her. Where are the "big guns" Chant and Hazzard ? Step up to..."

April 2020

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A Chinese-Australian woman who has been attacked when walking down the street has hit out the people who abused her.

Woman spat on, abused in Aussie street

"These thugs are looking for scapegoats. One extra problem, Trump aside, its not only aimed at Chinese..."

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A doctor has described the horrific way coronavirus patients deteriorate in hospital and how lonely their final days are before death.

Doctor reveals how virus patients die

"600 Infections should be placed at Hazzard's door step. What a cross to bear. "

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