May 2020

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A new Star Trek TV series, which will take place on the starship Enterprise in the years prior to James T. Kirk coming aboard as captain, is in production.

New Star Trek TV series is in the works

"Now this sounds like a Star Trek Strange New Worlds series to watch,I'm glad there going to focus on..."

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Eighteen years is a long time to wait for the next chapter in an iconic series. So thank god the wait is finally over today.

TV series fans have waited 18 years for

"After being a Star Trek fan since I was a child so 50years now and after watching the first season of..."

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An alert about the infectious disease has been issued for residents in a region already impacted by COVID-19.

Three infected with rare 'parrot fever'

"Well how about the council's step up and do something about this as why should birds be more important..."

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Donald Trump has threatened to “cut off the whole relationship” with China, as tensions continue to rise over the origins of COVID-19.

Trump threatens to totally ‘cut off’ China

"Well done President Donald Trump glad someone has the backbone to stand up to the untrustworthy China..."

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A global travel boss has delivered some sobering news to Aussies hoping for an overseas holiday, warning our return to normal is years off.

Why global travel won't be normal until 2023

"That's good I'd say leave the international border's closed for even longer,let's travel in Australia..."

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Hillary Clinton is backing Joe Biden’s White House bid, saying the United States needs a ‘real president’ in a scathing take-down of Donald Trump.

Clinton takes aim at Trump as she endorses Biden

"Wow this woman is beyond belief,she should be thrown in jail for what she did to her thousands of..."

April 2020

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The Morrison government was blindsided when a Chinese official took the stage to speak at a coronavirus media conference.

China interrupts minister’s press conference

"No trust at all with the Chinese government,telling the world lies,buying all our masks etc and..."

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Model Jesinta Franklin talks about the “very real issue” of racism as she and indigenous footballer partner Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin prepare to become parents.

Jesinta Franklin opens up about her ‘white privilege’

"What a load of stupid rubbish... And now she is winging about her neighbours mowing there lawn just..."

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He bought his first property working as a freelance teacher and now has a $12 million real estate empire claims everyday Aussies are missing a big opportunity.

Teacher with 16 homes’ surprise tip

"Two reasons why properties are so expensive, firstly foreign buyers(they should be banned) and the..."

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The largest ever hole in the ozone layer — its size dubbed “unprecedented” by scientists — has closed over the northern hemisphere.

Largest tear in the ozone has closed

"That's because of all the stupid climate change idiots being closed down during this pandemic,there..."

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