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Entertainment Books for Sale

Pat_Jesse_Fundraiser 12:58 PM Jul 06th


from Aspley
Entertainment Books for Sale

Help us raise funds for the Holy Spirit Northside Oncology Unit by purchasing an Entertainment book from us
(https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/...) .

With the money raised from our fundraising efforts, it is hoped that the hospital can purchase a scalp cooling machine to reduce the impact of hair loss experienced by those undergoing chemotherapy.

The development of a Scalp Cooling machine worn by patients during chemotherapy treatment has been shown to significantly reduce the chances of hair loss with no additional side effects. Studies show the Scalp Cooler to be 89% successful in preventing hair loss during treatment.

Whilst it isn’t a cure for cancer, it is one less stressor for the patients and families, so help us reach our goal by purchasing an Entertainment Book to help those suffering, suffer a little less.