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1 Day FREE Conversational Hypnosis Training

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1 Day FREE Conversational Hypnosis Training

Discover simple hypnotic procedures to ONLY use language to hypnotize subjects on the spot.

The Best Bit : Even if you have never hypnotized anyone before, this course is for you to LEARN how


Join us on our 1 Day Exclusive Conversational Hypnotherapy Crash Course. Our training is an exclusive look into hypnosis with NO SCRIPTS.

If you are new to the field or have a background in NLP, therapy or other forms of hypnosis, here you will learn a format to follow, to know exactly what to do, at the exact time and with all the subjects you work with.

To really understand hypnosis you can not read books or practice long and confusing hypnotic language patterns.
This approach is more likely to confuse the therapist rather then the client. The approach you will be witness too will keep the natural flow of conversation while adding hypnotic elements to drop client into trance.

The back bone of this training will be to master the utilization principle and adding hypnotic strategies to everything you say. This will give the illusion that you can almost read your clients mind and you find yourself saying the exact things a subject needs to hear to go into trance.

But it doesn't stop there .......

You will be taught some simple hypnotic therapy procedures that will give you the ability to work on small issues, you will be doing this on the day. Also ALL of these skills will be taught to use on the fly in any situation.... Even sales !

But it doesn't stop there .....

You will be taught how to test your subjects to help them resolve their issues, which will give you the structure of a complete start to finish hypnotherapy session.
Who will you be taught by ?

Scott Jansen will be your instructor. As a therapist for over 14 yrs and over 6000 clients. Scott will be revealing some of his most useful strategies to give you real exposure to how hypnosis works, without, all the long boring lectures.

You will be doing hypnosis on the day and also going into trance yourself. Scott is the owner of the Academy and is recognized internationally as an advanced hypnosis trainer. His seminars book out months in advance and he will personally put you in the seat for personal greatness and hypnotic mastery.

The core of our 1 day training :

• The 5 step hypnotic approach
• Setting a hypnotic context
• How to utilize hypnotic phenomena
• How to start a hypnotic interaction
• How to recognize trance
• Therapy procedure
• Hypnotic language process's for trance You will be taken step by step through an entire conversational hypnotherapy session, from start to finish.

If this wasn't enough you will witness live demos from Scott with the students to give you a contrast on what actually works inside a therapy setting.

We want to take this opportunity to give you a training like no other. Welcome aboard and join us for FREE and witness the unlimited power of conversational hypnosis.


92 Wondall Road - Wynnum manly leagues club, Wynnum, Queensland, 4178, Australia