YOUR SAY: Texting truckies ACA

THE recent A Current Affair story, 'Australia's texting truckies', aimed to expose drivers that use their phones while driving, and the road safety consequences.

We shared the story on our Facebook page and those of you that had seen it, had mixed feelings about it.

Some readers told us it's an everyday occurrence and everybody does it, others said the majority of drivers don't touch their phone.

Then of course, there's the age old argument that CB radios in trucks are just as distracting and drivers have been using them for years.

Chief executive officer of Victoria's Transport Accident Commission Joe Calafiore spoke in the segment regarding Linfox's comments about a device that actually disables mobile phones in trucks.

"The road transport sector have always actually been pioneers terms of the road safety space, so I think there actually is some optimism that with people making smart decisions, and technology, that we will be able to get on top of this trauma issue,” he said.

It got us thinking, and to be honest, Mr Calafiore's statement is pretty spot on.

Not only are our truckies some of the most experienced road users, they're also everyday people who want to make it home safety, just like any other driver.

For that reason, I rarely come across truckies who don't want better road safety, it's just that a lot of the approaches taken in the past directly impact productivity and that's a tough hit when your livelihood depends on how long you can drive and how much you can carry.

Here are some of the comments we got on Facebook:

Steve Jones: Stick a ACA camera in a truck for a day and film all the car drivers texting. They will need a week's worth of evening time slots.

James McAuley: What a joke. There are plenty out there that do the wrong thing, but from what I've seen, not all of them are the faults of truck drivers.

Craig Blanch: Too common for my liking. Car drivers are a lot worse though.

Shayne Evans: Drive around in a truck and see how many car drivers are texting ... they are everywhere.

Elaine Mack: Obviously it's being done in all industries ... but blame the truckies, just because they are trying to let their partner, girlfriend, mum, dad, boss, child know they love them...

Nick Kuys: Considering only 20% of accidents with trucks involved are the truck driver's fault, doesn't seem as if they are focusing on the main issue. Truck drivers have less accidents because their brain is a lot more active than car drivers when driving. Yet they put bigger animated screens in cars to further distract the drivers. That's where the bigger problem is as opposed to truckers talking on a phone. Truckers been using UHF and CBs long before mobile phones came along.

We'd like to know what you think, because as you would have seen with our recent Safety Campaign, we care about the industry, and the safety of all road users.

What do you think is the biggest safety risk on the roads today? Is it mobile phones, is it poor driver training, you tell us so we can promote improvements.

Email and let us know what you think.

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