A photo of the trees at Hodges Rd. Inset: Bucasia resident Doug Petersen.
A photo of the trees at Hodges Rd. Inset: Bucasia resident Doug Petersen.

YOUR SAY: Solution needed for Shoal Point trees

THE delivery of victory in the Queensland State Election was swift.

Voters were decisive in returning the Palaszczuk government to power for a third term.

Not so in the electoral race in the United States - the count stretched on for days.

I don't think I will ever understand the electoral college system which means the weight of votes from people in smaller states seems to hold more weight than those in the more populated centres.

And the popular vote means nought. If it did hold importance, Hillary Clinton would have won in 2016 and the Donald Trump nightmare could have been avoided.

While Trump supporters did turn out in droves, increasing the numbers of votes he received in 2016, Joe Biden secured a historic victory after many more turned out to ensure he won office.


Harry's view on US election riots and rallies.
Harry's view on US election riots and rallies.

Pending court cases about mail-in voting aside, it's remarkable to me that the count was so close in key electoral college states.

The pandemic is wildly out of control in the United States with the death toll now nearing 240,000 people and the number of people who have caught the virus, many suffering long-term side effects, reaching ever closer to 10 million.


John Hopkins University COVID-19 figures as at November 8, 2020
John Hopkins University COVID-19 figures as at November 8, 2020


Trump has ruined trade relationships with allies across the world, has allowed bigots and racists to speak their mind in an era where most of us thought we had made great strides forward and he has blurred the lines when it comes to separation of powers within government.

And yet he has a solid base who unashamedly do not care about the sheer volume of lies he has told while in the position once revered as the leader of the free world.

The Democratic and Republican parties seems so far apart on the political scale in the US.

There are staunch supporters of either side who struggle to see the other's viewpoint.

In Australia, I feel our life changes little between a Labor and Coalition government whose policies are not really far apart though their base ideologies differ.

We are lucky we have governments who work for the people and rarely for self-interest.

I actually cried watching Joe Biden's speeches over recent days and I hope the United States, and the world, can heal in the wake of Trump's erosion of democracy and human decency.

He was born a leader and his words are moving and uniting. He cares.

And electing a woman as Vice President, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, for the first time is a huge step for America - one its citizens should be proud of.

My American friends say they can now breathe again without a cloud hanging above them, one that makes immigrants and minorities feel less than white folk and one that has made them ashamed of the country they believed was the best country in the world.

Yes there are arguments Trump has made economic achievements, but at what cost?

Rae Wilson, Daily Mercury editor


Palmer's backwards step

Clive Palmer's $5 million scare campaign that the Labor Party would introduce a 20 per cent death tax wasn't bought by the people in general in the election.

Mr Palmer's money didn't buy him any votes this time round as it may have in the last federal one.

In fact this time he went backwards.

Robert Richards, Walkerston


Mature trees to be destroyed at Shoal Point

Disappointing to read of the plan to remove many mature trees to make way for new road access to Point Bay developments.

Why is it that people attracted to the beauty of a coastal area then become active participants in its destruction to facilitate their new homes?

Under changing climate these trees will not be replaced in 100 years, if at all.

One of nature's vital planks (reef, seagrass, sandbars beach, dunes, coastal vegetation) will be removed which moderate cyclonic winds, creating more coastal destruction.

Bravo Doug Petersen for standing with the local residents. Narrow strips of trees can't do the eco-services or protection these trees are performing.

As a regular visitor and one who loves the Mackay area, I hope a solution can be found.

Carol Bailey, Mount Barker, SA


Lions Christmas cakes back

Did you know that eating a Christmas cake can help prevent blindness, well that is if you eat Lions Christmas cake?

A beautiful fruity Lions Christmas cake is baked to a specific recipe specifically for Lions Australia.

Since the first Lions Christmas cake came out of the oven in 1965, Lions clubs have raised more than $65 million to help those in need within their communities and to support many charities including Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation, Spinal Cord Research, Australian Lions Mobility Foundation and Emergency Accommodations Centres.

Clubs have also made donations to other organisations that help the disabled, disadvantaged and infirm of their communities.


Lions have begun the annual Christmas cake and pudding sales.
Lions have begun the annual Christmas cake and pudding sales.

Lions are immensely proud that 100 per cent of all fundraising goes directly back to the community. Including many thousands of dollars for drought, fire and flood relief across the country.

All proceeds from the sale of these cakes will be used by Lions for their Lions Save Sight project and other humanitarian projects, including Childhood Cancer Research and their Mobility Foundation.

To order your cake, contact the Lions State co-ordinator whose details are on the Lions Web website.

Tony Matthews, Lions


Nightmare finally over

I woke from a long nightmare and saw that in the light of day democracy had conquered disorder and it was not fake news.

Not only is it pleasing to see President Elect Joe Biden but also, and uniquely, Vice President Elect Kamala Harris, a woman of south Asian descent.

The future looks rosy and colourful and it's about time.

Life is balanced, with the great speech by Biden against the disturbing tweets of, soon to be former president Donald Trump.

Valdman Cartoon. Donald Trump defeated in US election by Joe Biden
Valdman Cartoon. Donald Trump defeated in US election by Joe Biden

You cannot buy a victory, nor sue yourself into the role, you must be given it by the people, a reality, the loser Trump, must accept before he skulks back to his golf course.

The complexities of this electoral system have caused concerns and some delay and it may be time to consider how to simplify it so that it means the people, all of them, can make the decision and not a court.

It is time to look to the future and consign the few miles built of the "great, beautiful wall" to rubble as a symbol of the Trump presidency.

The economy needs to be built up and COVID knocked down, the education system needs to be strong, equitable, available to all and preferably truly free. It can be done!

There is now hope and it is time for President elect Biden to build a better, united country.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Box Hill, Vic


Questions over US voting

Aussie crims should all move to America. You'd own the place in six months.

There are states there where you don't need ID to get a driver's licence.

They're run by Democrats who just love unwanted illegal immigrants. Just like the Labor filth here.

You only need a driver's licence to get on the electoral role over there. God knows how many illegal immigrants voted against Trump.

Frank Brown, Richmond

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