YOUR SAY: Ratepayers should not fund truck museum

REPORTEDLY, Lockyer Valley Regional Council is struggling with worrying debt level.

However, with the gagging of councillors and staff, we ratepayers must sit back and chew our finger nails with concerns for where we are heading financially.

There is no doubt council is suffering financially, as are most businesses throughout the region.

Why then, does council continue to hold onto large tracts of land, therefore denying the ratepayers our rightful rates from those holdings?

Every little bit helps, as all small business operators well know. Fire sale these holdings.

Too, with tough financial times, why do we ratepayers have to continue financially supporting a money guzzling truck museum, where we regular ratepayers have little interest?

In that complex, what do we, the ratepayers, own? Most of the displays are there on loan.

Why not give our offspring more use of that floor space, by converting it into a roller-skating rink or bowling alley?

The youth of our valley surely need this or maybe a large cinema for that area, rather than a man's toy storage.

BOB FOWKE, Regency Downs


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