YOUR LETTERS: Treatment of refugees shreds Australian pride

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IT HAS been 50 years since my family and I arrived on the Fairstar for 10 pounds each.

We were economic migrants wanting a sun tan to last forever. I was 14 at the time.

I got beaten up at Sandy Tech for "being a pom" or "a poofta" wearing Mod clothes, so I learned how to fight.

I felt I was being educated for the first time by teachers who didn't treat me with working-class disdain, so I am ashamed to my bootstraps to claim my valued Australian identity is in shreds over the extreme abuse of refugees who come by boat.

I tell my grandson the reason all the brown children like him are locked up on a prison island is not they are bad and have broken United Nations law, but our parliament has.

Like his other grandma whose family fled from Uganda's Idi Armin regime, he doesn't understand why his country doesn't care about the children wanting to die because Australia is cruel like it was to the convicts in the bad olden days.

Hopefully these words are mightier than the prayers our politicians claim their moral superiority from when they have done to others what their persecutors have done - try to get rid of other human beings for good - and made it worse.

Free the children now. We want to give them a good home.

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