QT trot columnist and harness racer Denis Smith.
QT trot columnist and harness racer Denis Smith. David Nielsen

Young drivers the latest in spotlight at Marburg


WITH peculiarly hot weather for October, the Marburg Pacing Association team played to a smallish house of diehard fans and family groups out for a bit of fun and excitement last Monday.

From a racing point of view, it was a success as the on-track action delivered in spades and showed a strong bias to that shrinking group, the hobbyist trainer drivers, who took five of the seven events.

There were three in the "most happy” category.

Paul Matis scored his first double since the right handed days at Albion Park (pre 1983).

Trent Hodges had the first winner for three or four years as a trainer and Michael Tenardi got extra icing on his cake with an unexpected cash bonus from the club when Aqua Cruiser won the last event.

All in all, it was a great day's racing.

Here are the highlights from the winner's circle at the the Queen's Birthday race meeting.

Race 1: Somewhereinheaven (Ricky Gordon).

Race 2: Light Horse (Paul Matis).

Race 3: Moonlight Butcher (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).

Race 4: Manoflisa (Trent Hodges).

Race 5: Reddy Fire (Paul Matis).

Race 6: Flying Wingard (Codi Rauchenberger for Narissa McMullen).

Race 7: Aqua Cruiser (Michael Tenardi).

Powering on

THE unseasonal hot spell not only impacted on crowd figures but highlighted a few gremlins in our power supply.

Our wagering partners, UTAB, will be on site early on Sunday to monitor stability of current levels into the mobile van.

Investigation may lead to the provision of a backup generator, as neither the club nor UTAB wants any interruptions to the smooth running of the operation.

We are there to provide quality harness racing, which includes not only the on-track action, but a reliable betting service, and quality catering both hot and cold.

Tomorrow's highlight is the running of the first two rounds of the Garrards-Marburg Young Drivers Championship.

The Young Drivers lucky enough to get a drive in the four round contest are Chloe Butler, Zac Chappenden, Angus Garrard, Taleah McMullen, Justin Elkins, Jonah Hutchinson, Trent Lethaby, Hayden Barnes and Matt Elkins.

The series will be decided at the Oktoberfest/Harriott Memorial meeting on Sunday, October 27.

A feature of tomorrow's meeting will be the fund raising raffle in support of Rosewood identity Chrissie Turner.

Chrissie is doing a combined "walk and bicycle ride” through Cambodia, in aid of Catholic Mission projects there.

First prize in the monster raffle is a $250 voucher donated by Elly-Rae fashions of Rosewood, plus numerous other prizes.

Well done Matt

IN the apology department, Trot Tactics omitted to include Matt Elkins in the list of local centurions on awards night recently.

Matt had driven 110 winners for the season, not the 81 credited to him in last week's column.

Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight.

R1: Quinella 4-8: Hez Razor Sharp (R Morris) and Newmerella Sharkie (K Rasmussen).

R2: Box trifecta 1-6-8: Cruzy Dude (R Morris)-Mattgregor (P McMullen)-The Bus (K Rasmussen).

R3: Quinella 3-8: Makoa (P Diebert) and Classie American (R Morris).

R4: Box trifecta 5-6-7: Janies Got A Gun (P McMullen)-My Secret Torque (C Turpin)-Victree Mikayla (P Diebert).

R5: E/w 2: Riverleigh William (P Diebert).

R6: Box trifecta 1-3-8: Three Mugs In (N Dawson)-Get A Rattleon (N McMullen)-Our Buscemi (A Richardson).

R7: E/w 2: Charming Major (B Barnes).

R8: Box trifecta 2-5-6: Watch Pulp Fiction (C Turpin)-Leos Best (P Diebert)-Glenferrie Hood (P McMullen).

R9: Box trifecta 3-5-7: Gee Up Neddy (H Barnes)-Our Overanova (R Morris)-Southern Alps (P Diebert).

Honour board

Another new face at the top of the leader board, with Codi Rauchenberger landing four big ones to nose out Adam Sanderson on three. Sanderson also figured on the trainers' list. This time in a five-way go with Kay Crone, Narissa McMullen, Paul Matis and Ken Belford, all with two winners for the week.

Most pleasing was the wide spread of the winners. Ipswich factor: 26/41.

Albion Park, October 4: Gee Up Neddy (Codi Rauchenberger for Hayden Barnes); Non Passare (Nathan Dawson for Ken Belford); Gina Mach (Trent Dawson); Victree Mikayla (Paul Diebert for Melissa Gillies); Beef City Blaze (Justin Elkins for Peter Greig).

Albion Park, October 5: Dream To Share (Adam Sanderson); Clarry (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini); Happy Feeling (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin); Macey Jade (Nathan Dawson for Steve Cini); Our Buscemi (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).

Marburg, October 7: Somewhereinheaven (Ricky Gordon); Light Horse (Paul Matis); Moonlight Butcher (Dan Russell for Dave Russell); Manoflisa (Trent Hodges); Reddy Fire (Paul Matis); Flying Wingard (Codi Rauchenberger for Narissa McMullen); Aqua Cruiser (Michael Tenardi).

Albion Park, October 8: The Cruise Missile (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini); Rory Mach (Adam Sanderson); Im No Outlaw (Adam Sanderson for Grant Dixon); Newmerella Sharkie (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).

Albion Park, October 10: Alsjeansmaxsstar (Hayden barnes for Kay Crone); Non Passare (Nathan Dawson for Ken Belford); Grizzly Montana (Codi Rauchenberger for Brett Cargill); Flying Wingard (Codi Rauchenberger for Narissa McMullen); Elms Creek (Pete McMullen for Ron Sallis).

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