Gatton Magistrates Court, generic court.
Gatton Magistrates Court, generic court.

Yelling, screaming: Man’s drunk outburst at cops, neighbours

A Grantham man was heard saying "I'll take matters into my own hands next time" after being charged at the Gatton court this week.

A magistrate issued a stern warning to the man on Monday after he was charged with obstructing police seven days after appearing in court for a similar incident.

Dean McCamish, 55, pleaded guilty in the Gatton Magistrates Court on January 4, after he was arrested at his Grantham home on November 23, for obstructing police.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Narelle Lowe said police were called that day to McCamish's property at Grantham after neighbours complained about his abusive, drunken behaviour.

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Senior Constable Lowe said when police arrived at the scene, they witnessed McCamish yelling abuse out of his window directed towards his neighbour's house.

Police spoke to the neighbours, before questioning McCamish, Senior Constable Lowe said.

McCamish was highly intoxicated when police attended his property, and immediately began to threaten officers, Senior Constable Lowe said.

Police explained why they were at his house, but McCamish continued to yell over the top of police, abusing them and name calling the neighbours.

The court heard police attempted to de-escalate McCamish for 10 minutes, but he continued to yell abuse at officers and the neighbours.

Senior Constable Lowe said when officers attempted to issue a noise abatement direction, McCamish continued to yell and interrupt the police and was warned if he continued to do so he would be arrested.

During that time, McCamish walked away from police into his backyard where he continued to yell over the fence to his neighbours before continuing to threaten police.

He was then arrested, Senior Constable Lowe said.

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In court, the prosecution said McCamish was charged with obstructing police almost a month prior to the incident under almost identical circumstances.

At that hearing, the court was dumbfounded when it heard that McCamish blew a blood alcohol reading of 0.4, eight times the legal driving limit when he was arrested.

That matter was finalised on November 16, and McCamish was convicted and fined $750, just seven days before the incident heard in court on Monday.

Constable Lowe said McCamish had an extensive history with police while under the influence of alcohol.

McHamish was represented in court by a duty solicitor who said the father of eight was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Acting Magistrate Damian Carroll said that was no excuse for McCamish's dreadful behaviour, adding that he was "lucky" not to have been charged with public nuisance, too.

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After reading McCamish's "unenviable" six-and-a-half-page criminal history and highlighting that he had only been in court seven days prior to committing the offence, Magistrate Carroll strongly warned McCamish to stop offending.

"No more offending. What did I say, no more offending. Get that clear," Magistrate Carroll said.

McCamish was sentenced to 10 months of probation and ordered to report to the Ipswich probation office by close of business on Friday, January 8.

After that, he will be required to report to Gatton police station to submit to urine analysis testing and therapeutic breath analysis for his drug and alcohol addiction.

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