LETTERS: Yamanto needs urgent attention from council

WHILE it was pleasing to read the article on Batman on Thursday, it is time for common sense and action.

Many times this issue at Yamanto has been raised, but ratepayers are still living with a stench and noise that is unacceptable in suburbia.

The first step should be council actually spending money on cleaning the creek; let's see how much protective clothing workers would have to wear to accomplish this.

A water test of creek would be interesting!

Local council has the authority to act in some instances.

We as residents have a right as ratepayers to live in a clean healthy environment, this is not so at the moment.

While having the Environment Minister visit is great, 4am in the morning would be better!

People who work are sleep deprived and we all know what sleep deprivation can lead to.

We purchased our land so our children and grandchildren could enjoy the outdoors, not be shut up inside on hot days to avoid the stench from these bats.

Yes it is coming up to election time; we need action not rhetoric!

Yes, councillors should be on edge as this has been allowed to continue for too long.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife can not even return phone calls so they are of no help to residents.

M. MCKIMMON, Yamanto


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