Blokes bashed in case of mistaken identity over "affair"

A CASE of mistaken identity, which led to one man nearly being pushed through a glass door and another being beaten with a broom handle and a beer bottle, has seen the culprit imprisoned for two years.

John Anthony Wagstaff, 30, yesterday pleaded guilty to entering a dwelling with the intent to commit and indictable offence, common assault, obstructing police and two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm.

Around midday on August 4 Wagstaff entered a Goodna house which was being renovated.

One of the men who lived in the house was in the front yard working on the house.

The other was inside with his son playing games on their computer. Both men assumed the other knew Wagstaff.

After briefly talking, Wagstaff grabbed the man who was inside the house by the jacket and accused him of having an affair with his wife.

The man assumed he was talking about a different woman who he had recently broken things off with. Wagstaff pushed the man into a glass door which, due to the renovations, opened to an eight metre drop.

The glass broke but the man didn't fall through the door. Wagstaff then punched him in the jaw causing the man to leave the house to get the police.

Wagstaff then walked outside where he was approached by the other housemate who tried to calm him.

Wagstaff asked him who he was repeatedly before threatening him with a sledgehammer.

Wagstaff then grabbed a beer bottle and broke it over the man's head before hitting him with a broom stick in the leg hard enough that the stick snapped.

When police arrived Wagstaff violently resisted arrest forcing five officers to try and restrain him and a taser eventually being deployed.

Wagstaff was sentenced to two years prison, with a parole release date on June 20 next year.

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