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WRIGHT: Rodney Smith, One Nation

I JOINED the One Nation party in 1997.

At the time, I saw Pauline Hanson was a feisty, determined politician who was actually representing the Australian public, who offered hope.

The One Nation message is the same today.

Governments deep in debt have foolishly sold off their prime state assets for short term financial relief while being forced to retain their liabilities.

Governments have created enormous bureaucracies on borrowed money and are unable to reign in the red tape and regulation whilst at the same time dismantling economic activity in Australia by way of poorly negotiated Free Trade Agreements.

Globalisation has been a disaster.

It should be remembered that probably 99% of government including bureaucrats and other officials, are not elected and are accountable to no-one.

We have the largest corporations in Australia paying little or no tax while we have pensioners, the aged, military veterans, youth and other vulnerable groups living in poverty on Centrelink's cold charity.

Australia has absurd levels of immigration where there are few jobs and a red hot housing market.

We don't need immigration anymore, and we certainly do not have the infrastructure, water, jobs, housing, schools, hospitals, and police to cope with the numbers.

- Rodney Smith

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