World Vision 40 Hour Famine

Hi QT!

My name is Lailah and I am a 15 year old girl from Plainlands (West of Ipswich, QLD)! This year (August) I am taking part in World Visions "40 Hour Famine", which I'm sure you've heard enough about before! But this means I am giving up food for a total of 40 hours. Also raising money all on my own, my goal being $400 and also being part of my schools Famine Team (Faith Lutheran College, Plainland). World Vision and the service of God is something that I am extremely passionate about and is something I wish the whole world would choose to be a part of. As a 15 year old, growing up in a beautiful country like Australia, it's sometimes hard to imagine what people in places like Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and many more have to go through and live with on a daily basis. And a lot of the time, I find that I take everything I have for granted. It's absolutely horrifying seeing the amount of food, shelter and overall health care these people recieve and even just doing to 40 hour famine, I am only getting the tiniest insight and feel to what these families go through in their entire lifetime.

I am writing to you, hoping there is a way I could raise more awareness about the 40 Hour Famine combined with World Hunger. Especially to the youth in the region, as many kids seem to dismiss the idea of half the worlds population being completely third world and under cared for. I believe that with more knowledge and understanding, particularly coming from a 15 year old, it could do a lot more good; getting youth involved with 40 Hour Famine is a fantastic thing.

I'm so so excited to be giving up for 40 Hours, along with my school team, just a small amount of time for a massive cause. Raising my goal amount of money means I will be able to feed SIX families for a whole year, which is an unbelievable difference and I think anyone and everyone can do the same.

One day I hope to be more deeply involved with World Vision and poverty, hunger, malnourishment, all those things that are literally killing people. But for now all I can do is raise the awareness that these are REAL people and REAL problems, and hope that many people who might read this, feel the same way and want to make a difference.


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