‘World record’ wanker ‘moves penis in ways most men can’t’


DARWIN'S "world record" wanker Gary Chisholm is back up to his old tricks after admitting to fondling himself while watching two teenagers at the Casuarina nudist beach in 2019.

The 47-year-old pleaded guilty in the Darwin Local Court to gross indecency in a public place after "gripping, pulling and flicking his erect penis" behind the women on August 25.

The court heard a man noticed what Chisholm was doing and told him to stop before an argument ensued and he went and called police who caught Chisholm "in the act".

The 38-year-old man, who the NT News has chosen not to name, came to court to deliver his victim impact statement in person, saying "nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable" on the public beach.

"A lot of people do naughty things down there but usually they're in the right frame of mind to stop and wait for those people to leave or stop altogether," he said.

"There's a difference between self-gratification that's consented to and self-gratification that's not consented to."

Chisholm's lawyer, Peter Maley, said while his client "had some unusual proclivities" when he last appeared in court on the same charge in 2018 "things have changed significantly since then".

Where he had once described Chisholm as having "almost the world record in masturbating", Mr Maley now said his client was "a man who would masturbate perhaps a little more than the average man".

"He's gotten older now and he's certainly not as active as he was in terms of that particular activity," he said.


Gary Chisholm outside the Darwin Local Court on Wednesday.
Gary Chisholm outside the Darwin Local Court on Wednesday.


"It's not unusual to see on occasion a man (at the nudist beach) with an erect penis for whatever reason but he agrees that touching it and moving it in the way that he did constitutes the offence."

But Mr Maley said his client was at pains to point out he objected to the term "masturbating" on this occasion, saying "he was moving his penis for a period of time without touching it".

"He says he can move his penis sideways and up and down in ways that most men can't without touching it," he said.

"It's something that he has a talent (for that) he has developed over the years through regular use."

Mr Maley said most people in the area were nude or semi-nude and beachgoers were aware they would see "various parts of people in the nude".

"It's not like he's at the primary school or in the mall or in this courthouse," he said.

But judge Greg Macdonald pointed out it was a public place frequented by all sorts of people, including members of the judiciary.



"I go down there, kick my clothes off sometimes and people walk their dogs, people walk up and down," he said.

"People are entitled to go there and feel that they can go about their business without being affronted and offended by people committing acts like what your client has done."

Mr Maley said Chisholm was now on "anti-masturbation medication" which he described as "the opposite of Viagra".

"He keeps it in the fridge and if he's overcome by an urge he thinks is inappropriate then he would take some," he said.

Mr Macdonald adjourned the hearing to allow Mr Maley to produce evidence relating to the medication and Chisholm returns to court for sentencing next week.

Originally published as 'World record' wanker 'can move his penis in ways most men can't', court hears

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