Workers get the boot just before Christmas

NO JOB: A reader says the fear people experience at work leads to mistakes, bullying, non-productivity and misery.
NO JOB: A reader says the fear people experience at work leads to mistakes, bullying, non-productivity and misery. Michaela O'Neill

I WAS on my way to work when I saw a lady crying outside Centrelink.

I stopped to ask her what had happened and she told me she had been laid off from work just before Christmas during her probationary review.

She had had no complaints made against her at work and no performance reviews had been carried out. HR told her merely that they didn't think she fitted in with the charitable organisation she worked for.

Another person overhead as they were passing and reassured her he had been through the same ordeal.

He was told he was just not the right fit for the job and was terminated three weeks before Christmas.

He was unable to get assistance from Centrelink because the HR people had made a mistake on his separation certificate and would not change it to the correct box which would have allowed him to receive assistance earlier than six weeks.

I am disgusted organisations would do something so underhanded and unprofessional before Christmas when it is the most difficult time of year to find work and when businesses close down.

Where is the unity, integrity and respect discussed in interviews?

Where is this hand up and where is the friendly work environment?

Is it really about teamwork or about the most dominant in the team?

Whatever reason, it is wrong to keep doing this to people as some are not so resilient and could suicide during these times.

The fear everyone experiences in these workplaces of losing jobs leads to mistakes, bullying, non-productivity and misery.


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