Ipswich Pastor Fred Muys.
Ipswich Pastor Fred Muys. Claudia Baxter

Work to help highlights the plight of poor

IT'S easy in our busy lives to only think of ourselves, which is why people such as Ipswich Pastor Fred Muys are so special.

Pastor Muys runs the Ipswich Healthy Hampers Co-op on Brisbane St that provides discounted food and essential grocery items to families in need.

Pastor Muys also leads an emergency relief program, which donates food to families who cannot survive on their wages or Centrelink payments.

While Pastor Muys' work shows the good in people in our community, it also highlights the number of people in Ipswich doing it tough.

As is the case in many other seemingly affluent communities it is often the so-called working poor who go unnoticed until agencies like Healthy Hampers come to the rescue.

As Pastor Muys said, there are people who may be behind in their rent or facing unexpected medical expenses and find themselves in a crisis situation.

They are the people who participate in the emergency relief program where food is given away free.

Much of the money used to run the co-op is generated from the Tivoli Drive-In community family movie nights run every Saturday so we can help by taking in a movie or donating.

Donations and discounted items are given to Healthy Hampers from SecondBite Community Connect, Primo meats, bakeries, other independent retail outlets and Brisbane Foodbank.


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