Woodford hopes to shoulder grand final burden

WESTS weren't the only team to lose an influential player for the Ipswich hockey finals series.

Joining Jarrod Brown on the injured list is Easts and Ipswich representative goalkeeper Andrew Woodford.

While still hoping to play if Easts make the grand final, Woodford was yesterday wearing a brace after dislocating his right shoulder on Sunday night.

"It was very painful," said Woodford, who had to leave the field early in the first half of the major final won by Norths 2-1.

"I just slid out, came out one-on-one and hit my shoulder.

"I came off and went up to hospital. About 11 o'clock last night, they finally got it back in after waiting and waiting and waiting.

"I've had better nights."

Woodford, 26, dislocated his left shoulder a few years ago. However, he said it was nothing like his latest dislocation.

"It (the left shoulder dislocation) didn't stay out. It sort of went straight back in," the respected goalkeeper said.

"It was sore but I played on.

"This one didn't get back in. That's why it was so painful."

He'll see a specialist on Friday after wearing the brace all week.

Meanwhile, Norths coach Jamie Burns will watch Easts and Wests closely in this weekend's preliminary final after his team gained a direct access to the September 14 grand final.

"It was a very quick game," last year's premiership-winning coach and former A-grade player said.

"We never really got on top of them. I'm wary of Easts.

"I'm not writing Wests off either. They're unpredictable."

Norths won Sunday night's major semi-final after Nick Maddocks equalised late before Aaron O'Bierne netted a winner in extra time.

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