A BARGARA woman has been charged with multiple fraud offences for her alleged involvement in a romantic scam that left a young man $135,000 out of pocket.

Police alleged the 31-year-old also manufactured a Thermomix scam on the Gumtree website where victims would pay $1000 for a machine, which was never delivered.

The woman's 62-year-old mother has also been charged with police alleging all money from the operation was deposited in her bank account.

Police will allege the 31-year-old daughter met a young New South Wales man through online dating website RSVP using a fake Facebook profile.

Using images taken from the profile of a real person the woman started an online affair with the 24-year-old man and over time allegedly received $135,000 from him.

Police said the man worked full time and lived at home with his parents.

It is also alleged the woman defrauded people from all over Australia selling Thermomix devices and a number of wedding dresses online.

Police say the woman has been charged with 10 counts of fraud for the Thermomix sales.

CIB's Senior Constable Renae Wilkinson said more than $200,000 in total was deposited into the mother's bank account in a 12-month period.

Authorities allege the daughter was receiving Centrelink benefits during the time of her offending and also neglected to pay rent.

"She has been charged with 10 lots of thermomix scams across Australia at $1000 each," Sen Const Wilkinson said.

"The buyers would drop money into the bank account and never receive the goods."

Sen Const Wilkinson and said the case was a warning to people who bought items online.

"Don't put money in unknown people's bank accounts."

It is alleged the fraudulent activity took place over a period of more than one year.

The police investigation took place over a number of months and the women were charged after they were identified through the mother's bank.

The women have been charged with more than 30 fraud offences.

They appeared in court on June 26 with the matter adjourned to next month.

They currently report to the Bundaberg Police Station weekly as part of their bail conditions.

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