A woman's best friend: Men who are just like dogs

I HAVE finally realised what I was looking for in a man.

In short, the same qualities I value in my dog.

Now, stay with me on this one because it's a compliment, really. I would die for my dog.

I am talking intelligence, a good appetite, a love of the great outdoors, an affectionate personality and, above all, loyalty.

When they say loyal like a dog, they are not kidding. Even murderers are loved by their dogs.

Finding that kind of devotion in a human being is, of course, much more difficult.

But, in relationships, loyalty means, at the very least, someone who's on your side.

It's sad and surprising how many people are with a mate who constantly disagrees with them, puts them down or, when push comes to shove, doesn't stand up for them to other people.

The other canine quality I think could afford to be reflected in a man is a happiness to go along with whatever's happening at the time. Walk? Food? Party? Yes, yes, yes!

If they're with you, they're satisfied. Okay, if they're with you, naked, they're more satisfied, but I'm just talking about men there, not canines.

Man or dog, they don't need a rigorous entertainment schedule that leaves you frazzled and exhausted. Frankly, they'd be happy with a nap on the couch - or see above.

Oh, I forgot house-trained. All right, my dog can't do the dishes but my boyfriend can. And make the beds, apparently. And vacuum. And empty the vacuum bag. Extra points for that last one. If I was any good at any of this stuff myself, I'd already be married.

Anyway, it makes me wonder why I put good looking, successful or well-travelled high up on my desirable quality list when I am really after smart, kind and cuddly.

I know that women who are happily married will be nodding and agreeing with me on most of this while those who are still dating wild men will be wondering what the heck I am talking about.

Women, huh? There are lots of good guys out there, they're just waiting for you to recognise their dog-like qualities and separate them from the other hounds.

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