Boy's mother attacked during rampage to 'cave his head in'

A woman who went in search of her teenage daughter's boyfriend to "cave his head in" but instead assaulted his mother was sent to jail in Ipswich District Court yesterday.

Karen Leigh Cooper, 36, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after she pleaded guilty to two charges following the August 2015 home invasion at Bundamba.

The court heard Cooper and a co-accused, who was present in court but yet to have his matter heard, went in search of her 15-year-old daughter's 19-year-old boyfriend.

Crown prosecutor Noel Needham said Copper sent the co-accused a text message which read she intended to "cave his head in".

He said when the pair showed up at his mother's house, the co-accused kicked the door down and Cooper pushed the victim against a wall and swung a 40cm pole at her.

"She said 'if any of youse hurt my daughter I'll cave your head in'," he told the court.

Mr Needham said there was a "less than enthusiastic guard dog" at the scene.

"There was a degree of violence and it was deliberate and planned," he said.

"It did result in the injury of someone trying to peacefully occupy their own home."

Mr Needham said the complainant was "caught in the middle".

The court heard Cooper did not go to the home with the intention of retrieving her daughter but with the intention to assault her boyfriend.

"It was not the case of going to extract your daughter, it was the case of going to find this young man to exert some summary justice," Judge Greg Koppenol said.

"You wanted to physically assault him, that's why you were out looking for him, that's why you took the bar with you.

"As a mother you were of course greatly concerned about your daughter's welfare."

Judge Koppenol said the situation would have "been different if Cooper tried lawfully to extract her daughter".

"Vigilante actions which involve a violent home invasion will not be tolerated in a civilised society," he said.

Cooper pleaded guilty to one count each of entering a dwelling with intent by break and assault occasioning bodily harmed while armed and in company.

She was sentenced to a head sentence of 18 months imprisonment with parole after she served three months.

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