Woman tasered, forced into car boot in home invasion

A TERRIFIED young woman was tasered, thrown into the boot of her car and driven to a rural area where she was dumped on the side of the road.

In an ordeal that lasted nearly an hour, the 23-year-old was assaulted in her home by Daniel Susec and Kelly Ann Huggins, an Ipswich court has heard.

Appearing in the dock of Ipswich District Court, Daniel Raemond Susec, 34, from Eastern Heights, pleaded guilty to burglary and stealing; assault doing bodily harm/armed/in company; assault; and deprivation of liberty.

Huggins, 40, also pleaded guilty but will be sentenced at a later date.

During proceedings it was revealed Susec's life had been impacted heavily by the murder of his mother.

In the facts of the Crown prosecution case there had been a falling-out between the two women after a set of keys and $200 cash went missing.

At the time the woman had been looking after a dog owned by Huggins.

The court heard the complainant contacted Huggins on Facebook accusing her of stealing the money and keys, threatening to assault her.

Three days later on the night of November 28, 2018, the woman woke up in bed hearing footsteps outside.

She saw Huggins standing in the doorway demanding to know where a male person was.

Huggins lunged at her and in a scuffle she punched the woman in the right cheek.

The woman punched her back and scratched her across the face.

Susec walked into the room holding a black taser and pushed the device into the complainant's body a few times, causing small red burn marks.

The woman jumped up onto the bed and kicked out at Susec attempting to get him away but he got onto the bed and sat on top of her.

He held her down and continued to taser her.

An unidentified man then walked into the bedroom armed with a baseball bat, swinging at her legs.

The court was told Susec punched the woman in the throat, and head.

Huggins was yelling out "get her phone, get her phone" and then grabbed ornamental hunting knives from the bedroom.

Huggins also took a Guess brand handbag and $180 cash.

When Susec asked Huggins what would they do with her, "are we putting her in the car or leaving her here" Huggins said they'd take her in the car.

The two men picked her up and clad only in underwear and shirt she was carried her out to a car and pushed into the boot.

The victim later told police she had been driven for 30 minutes before being dumped at the back of Swanbank Rd.

After walking barefoot for 40 minutes the woman reached an industrial business site and police were called at 7.30am

DNA samples were taken from beneath her fingernails and she identified Susec from a police photo board.

Crown prosecutor Cameron Wilkins sought jail sentence of 4 ½ years for Susec.

The court noted Susec had spent 14 months held in custody with the case originally set to go to trial.

Defence barrister Scott Neaves sought immediate parole, saying Susec had suffered trauma from the death of his mother.

"He purchased a house, supported his family. Was doing well and then had this horrendous incident at the age of 25," Mr Neaves said, then explaining how Susec's mother was murdered by his father and he found her body.

"He had to give evidence in court against his father," he said.

Mr Neaves said Ms Huggins had given birth to a child with Susec and although her sentence had been delayed she would likely go to jail, with Susec being responsible for its care when she serves her time.

Judge Orazio Rinaudo said it had been a violent home invasion with Susec using a taser and punching the woman.

He said Susec grew up in Mt Isa and Mackay, had worked as a slicer at Dinmore meatworks, and had to deal with the death of his mother.

He'd also dabbled in illicit drugs such as cocaine.

"Home invasions of this type where people are asleep in their own homes are rightly condemned. This sort of offending should not be tolerated," Judge Rinaudo said.

He took into account all the circumstances and time spent in jail and reduced the 4 year and two months head sentence to three years. Susec was granted immediate parole.

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