Woman killed by falling tree in windy Melbourne weather

A WOMAN has been killed after a tree fell on her during serious, damaging winds in Melbourne on Sunday. 

Victoria Police said the woman was hit by the tree at her home in Millgrove about 1.15pm. 

Police said she was alone at the property when the tree fell. 

Social media users have been sharing videos of the damaging winds and the havoc wreaked across the city. 

A cold front was also approaching from the west that would bring rain but would see the wind speeds ease. 

An Emergency Management Commissioner spokesman said during a press conference that winds reached speeds in excess of gale force. 

"We've seen some quite strong gusts. The strongest we've recorded so far was around 119km/h," he said. 

The Victorian State Emergency Service was inundated with more than 2200 phone calls as of 4pm.