Woman caught carrying knife in courthouse

ALCOHOL, cosmetics and toothbrushes were among goods police say a mum of five stole or obtained dishonestly.

Tarelle Bell was charged when some of the haul was found in her home.

She went before Ipswich Magistrates Court this week for sentence.

Tarelle Bell, 32, from Bellbird Park, pleaded guilty to receiving tainted property (alcohol) on April 7; stealing from a chemist shop in Browns Plains on January 11; possession of property acquired for committing a drug offence on May 15; and possession of a knife in a public place at Ipswich Courthouse on July 30.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said Bell was seen taking three toothbrushes, deodorant and a $49 candle at a chemist shop and putting them into her handbag without paying.

She left the store but her friend was stopped by security and gave Bell’s name and details.

When police went to Bell’s home in May they discovered unopened bottles of top shelf vodka and rum worth $147.

A Ronaldo branded perfume was also found, Bell telling police it was not expensive.

She said they were gifts from a friend for her birthday but her birthday was not until June,” Sgt Dick said.

In another incident Sgt Dick said Bell saw police officers and ran but when spoken to had been noticeably nervous, shaking, chewing, and grinding her jaw.

A grinder with cannabis residue was found in her handbag.

When searched by security at Ipswich Courthouse on July 30 a knife was found in her bag. Bell claimed it was for self defence.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Bell successfully completed a previous community service work order this year by working at Lifeline and by making bracelets for NAIDOC Week.

Magistrate David Shepherd said it was the third time Bell had been convicted of having knives in public and he must consider a jail term.

Mr Shepherd said by saying she carried the knife for self-protection there was a risk she was prepared to use it and, “that’s exactly how people get killed or injured”.

He sentenced Bell to a one-month jail term for the knife offence, immediately suspended for 12 months.

She received a supervised 12-month probation order for the other charges.

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