Woman accused of harassing police by text

A WOMAN, charged in connection with the recent Greyhound Racing Inquiry Task Force, has been brought back to court for interfering with a witness.

It was the second time this week Heather Rosemary Howard faced Ipswich Magistrates Court after she pleaded guilty to two breaches of bail offences on Tuesday.

The bail breach, related to an existing charge of stalking, to be heard again in court on January 7.

As punishment for breaching her bail, Howard was placed on a 12-month probation order.

The 41-year-old Riverview woman was brought into court again yesterday, accused of sending harassing text messages to a witness involved in the stalking investigation.

In opposing bail, police prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said Howard had allegedly sent 12 text messages to the witness - a police officer - on November 2.

Sgt Dick said a total of 100 "unnecessary" messages had been sent to the officer since August 20.

He said the 12 messages were received after contact was made with Howard's legal representative, defence lawyer Leah Scott, about the matter.

Scott said Howard had immediately stopped sending the messages to police after she spoke to her about it.

Ms Scott said the officer had received "delayed" messages that her client had already sent before she became aware of the issue.

She attributed the delayed texts to a disruption with the carriage service provider.

Ms Scott said her client was under the understanding she had been contacting the Greyhound Racing Inquiry Task Force and was providing them with information.

Howard was not granted bail.

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