Wivenhoe closes bridge

TWIN Bridges will remain closed as a result of ongoing releases from Wivenhoe Dam.

Natural resources Minister Rachel Nolan last week announced plans to drain the dam from 80% to 75% of its full supply level as a precaution ahead of the summer wet season.

Gate releases from the dam began midday on Friday and were expected to continue until 3pm tomorrow, subject to rainfall.

Significant rainfall has been predicted for late Wednesday and while unlikely to affect the release of water, residents were advised to contact their local councils for information on how it might impact their area.

In the meantime, the viewing platform at Spillway Lookout and Atkinson's Crossing recreation area remain closed due to safety concerns.

Savages Crossing was initially closed when releases began on Friday but was unaffected by releases and subsequently reopened.

The release has had no impact on Colleges Crossing, Burtons Bridge, Kholo Bridge, Mt Crosby Weir Bridge, Fernvale Bridge and all other Brisbane River bridges and crossings below Moggill.

The gate release operations can be viewed online on the Operational Safety Camera.

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