Winter kilos become a summer worry

WITH God's heater well and truly back on, thoughts of stripping off for a swim come readily to mind.

The backyard pool that has been a pain in the neck to keep clean throughout winter now takes on a different glow.

Unfortunately what also comes to mind are the extra kilos that have slowly crept onto the frame during the winter hibernation.

I am living next door to a park at the moment and I often see locals sweating it out trying to lose their kilos.

My problem is every time I put my belt on I realise I need to do the same, but every time I get out of bed I think more about what I am going to eat for breakfast rather than grabbing my joggers.

At the beginning of the year I did a story on healthy living and spoke to some leading fitness experts.

They told me that you don't need to run lots of kilometres, in fact they advised if you just walked for one hour a day that's plenty.

They did say that you also need to look at your food portions closely and to keep alcohol intake to a minium.

As always you should take one thing at a time, so I have decided that from next week I will start the walk.

I believe by the time summer is over I may even get to looking at stage two.

I can't turn my back on good food and wine at the moment, isn't that what life is all about?

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