Ipswich Bubs of 2017: Willow tops the list

UNIQUE: Baby Momirra's name means whirlwind.
UNIQUE: Baby Momirra's name means whirlwind.

IPSWICH has bucked the baby naming trend in 2017 with the region's favourite monikers differing from the rest of the state.

The most popular girl's name in Queensland last year was Charlotte while Ipswich parents favoured Willow, a named that failed to make it in to the top 10 for the state.

When naming our boy bubs, we fell a little more in line with wider trends. Ipswich's number one name, Jack, came in fourth across the state. Oliver was the favourite for Queensland and came in second on local level.

SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Aubrielle Simpson's name may not be on a most popular list, but her mum loves it.
SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Aubrielle Simpson's name may not be on a most popular list, but her mum loves it.

One Ipswich bub born last year has a name you probably won't see on most popular lists in the near future as mum Sonia Simpson found a unique way to name her daughter.

"Aubrielle is a name I came up with myself," she said.

"I loved the names Aubree and Brielle and stuck the two together.

"Not many people liked it when I first said my daughter's name will be Aubrielle but now everyone loves it and lots of strangers have commented, saying what a beautiful name.

"I love that my little girl has a really unique name."

Jessica Lee Bonheur chose her daughter's name for its meaning, among other reasons.

"Momirra is an Aboriginal name form the Yorta Yorta tribe from the boarder of NSW and Victoria. The name means whirlwind," she said.

"We chose it because 2017 was the year to celebrate the Aboriginal language and keep it alive. We also loved the meaning."

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Top girls

1. Willow

2. Ava

3. Charlotte

4. Olivia

5. Isla

6. Ella

7. Mia

8. Ruby

9. Harper

10. Sophie


Top boys

1. Jack

2. Oliver

3. Lucas

4. Noah

5. Hudson

6. Hunter

7. William

8. Cooper

9. Samuel

10. Levi

11. Liam

12. Harrison

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