Will Abbott call an early election? Coalition MPs hope not

AS THE chill of a Canberra winter descends on the nation's capital, Coalition MPs are trying to put a freeze on speculation the Prime Minister will call an early election.

On Thursday, the ABC saw dozens of MPs taking up an offer from the Prime Minister's Office to update their "working photographs" - posing for pictures with Tony Abbott used for promotional material.

They included frontbencher Paul Fletcher, Government Whip Andrew Nikolic and the man who instigated the spill for the Liberal leadership in February, Luke Simpkins.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has had to deal with days of questioning his conduct in toppling previous Labor leaders Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, and the anticipation for his appearance before the trade unions royal commission.

While that is enough to put a spring in the step of the Coalition party room, backbenchers are keen to toe the party line as dictated by Ministers, that Tony Abbott will not jump early and call an election.

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