Debbra Chambers, right, the mother of 10-week-old Kye who was killed by his father police officer Colin Randall. Picture: AAP Image
Debbra Chambers, right, the mother of 10-week-old Kye who was killed by his father police officer Colin Randall. Picture: AAP Image

Wife ‘manipulated and deceived’ by baby-killing cop

THE first time Senior Constable Colin David Randall was left alone with his 10-week-old son, he lashed out in act of extreme violence due to frustration at not being able to relocate, killing the infant with a punch, the Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Tuesday.

During a sentencing hearing after Randall pleaded guilty to manslaughter, the court heard medical evidence showed baby Kye's liver had been "pulped" by the sheer force of the attack.

The only explanation given to the court was that Randall was "frustrated".

In an impact statement issued to the court, the baby boy's mother, Debbra Chambers, said losing him was "every parent's worst nightmare" and spoke of how she had been "manipulated and deceived" for 18 months as Randall made her believe Kye's death was a tragic accident.

Below is Ms Chambers' full impact statement:

"On the 28th of June 2014, this day changed my life forever.

"Losing a child should be every parent's worst nightmare but you, Colin Randall, actually did this to our son.

"The day I lost Kye has caused me so much pain, heartache and suffering.

"For a 18 solid months I was lied to, manipulated and deceived by the man who I was married to, believing Kye's death was a tragic accident somehow and all his father did was tried to save him...

"You had complete control over everything in our marriage.

"I believed everything you said and I took your advice.

"I trusted you, being my husband, my closest partner, the father of my children and a serving police officer.

"Colin Randall, your actions have hurt me and affected me so deeply.

"There were points where I did not trust anybody (with my daughter) and have lost faith in people...

"I have been able to sleep soundly since.

"I am constantly on guard and my life has never been the same.

"The simple basic pleasures I once took for granted have affected me forever.

"You never acknowledged your actions during the police investigation, yet you blamed me after we separated.

"You continued your control over the family finances.

"You changed access to bank accounts leaving me destitute and relying on other family for assistance.

"Then you have gaul to put me in further financial hardship by your custody battles... knowing full well what you'd done to Kye.

"I have significantly suffered not only emotionally but financially because of your actions.

"Your actions were downright selfish...

"Even at this time, now at the end of this court process, I still do not have full closure of my son's death.

"There are still so many questions left unanswered.

"You have taken away my son and left me with a lifelong sentence of sadness and emptiness, not experiencing or seeing Kye grow up and watching him achieve milestones he could achieve throughout his life.


Senior Constable Colin David Randall, 38, pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
Senior Constable Colin David Randall, 38, pleaded guilty to manslaughter.


"I now watch other children at school in sporting events and I am constantly reminded that Kye will never have that opportunity.

"You have cut short a whole life ahead of him.

"I will never understand how you could commit such a violent act on an innocent defenceless 10-week-old baby...

"Your excuses, whatever they are, will never justify what you did.

"Your actions were completely grotesque and inexcusable.

"This had rocked me to my core...

"I can't even think how this will affect (our other daughter).

"One day I will have to tell (her) what happened to her little brother.

"The family she once knew has been shattered and it will never be the same again.

"With all the pain, heartache and suffering I've been through with this whole ordeal - the death of my son, the police investigation, your accusations toward me... your betrayal, the lies, the manipulation... the one simple thing that could counsel my devastation (was Kye's ashes).

"Your cold hearted callousness act of denying me Kye's ashes (was) a cruel low thing to do.

"Knowing what you did to our son and refusing to give them to me, the loving mother of this child, it truly reflects your selfish nature total disregard and lack of remorse...

"Only last week... we celebrated what would have been Kye's fourth birthday.

As unbearable as it was... I said goodbye to him."

The hearing continues.

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