Wide Bay candidates: Why you should vote for me


Family First

Bruce Mayer, Family First
Bruce Mayer, Family First Contributed

I'M standing to provide the opportunity for a sensible alternative to the major parties.

I have serious concerns about the economy and what it will mean for our kids and grandchildren if we do not act now.

Removing barriers to gaining a job, workers should have the right to work under terms and conditions that suit them, not terms and conditions dictated to them by government.

Youth unemployment is a huge problem, and no government should stand in the way of a young person wanting and gaining a job and experience.

Importantly in the Senate we need parties like Family First who review sensibly what the major parties try to impose on us.


Liberal National Party

Wide Bay LNP candidate Llew O'Brien
Wide Bay LNP candidate Llew O'Brien

LLEW O'Brien is committed to providing effective representation to deliver results.

Creating jobs and strengthening the economy are priorities for Llew and the Liberal Nationals Coalition Government.

The Coalition will deliver a dedicated and targeted $20 million Wide Bay Burnett Jobs Package, to lift investment, boost productivity, grow our region's economy and create local jobs.

Upgrading the Bruce HWy is a priority, including rebuilding the Tinana interchange and improving flood immunity at Tiaro and Aldershot.

Llew and the Coalition will support jobs and ensure every local family, household and business has the opportunity to share in our nation's prosperity.


One Nation


One Nation candidate Elise Cottam.
One Nation candidate Elise Cottam. Max Fleet

WHY should people vote for me - because it's easy to find problems but listening to people is the key to finding the solutions.

We need to stand together as one nation.

Divided as we are now , falling apart and fed up, we need a leader that is for the people.

If elected I will lead by example, hands on, motivated and not get your hopes up on empty promises. Transparent and accountable. 

Essential services, better tax systems, energy-efficient electorate, pensioners, families and our youth are vital to small businesses and communities.

Supporting farmers and protecting our water.




Lucy Stanton, ALP
Lucy Stanton, ALP Contributed

ENVIRONMENT: Protection for the Great Sandy Strait, Mary River, Noosa River and Lakes.

Jobs in eco-tourism and many more jobs when we stop netting so recreational fishing can improve.

Education: Children educated at school according to their needs, better access to University and TAFE courses, better jobs from a great start in life.

Internet: NBN rollout using fibre-optic technology for lightning fast internet access, not Turnbull's outdated copper cabling solution.

Future jobs in the digital economy.

Health and aged care: Proper Medicare so you can visit a doctor without worrying about costs.

Healthy communities benefit everyone and provide jobs caring for others.




Glenn Lazarus Team

Jannean Dean, Glen Lazarus Team
Jannean Dean, Glen Lazarus Team

OVER the past 18 months I have listened to the people, consulted with the people on all things that matter to them.

Unlike many others who come and go at election time I have remained constant and commited to campaign promises and continue to bring about positive change.

I consider the smaller communities in the Wide Bay just as important as the bigger ones and will not ignore the issues they face daily.

I will not play party politics nor will I hesitate to cross the floor.

I lead by example and have demonstated I am a strong community advocate, seven days a week, and spend my own savings boosting the economy by investing in small business for services.

I travel to where I am needed and follow through.



Katter's Australia Party

Barry Cook, KAP
Barry Cook, KAP Renee Albrecht

ALL I can say is listen to Alan Jones' interview with Bob Katter on June 20 on 2GB radio and his discussion about the sale of Australia's strategic farming asset to foreign owners.

Only to have Penny Wong say if they get into power the Labor Government will make it easier for foreign investment.

It seems government clearly doesn't know the difference between ownership and investment.

Australia is not for sale, wake up Australia.





The Greens

Bron Marsh, Greens
Bron Marsh, Greens Contributed

I AM passionate about protecting the natural environment, ground and surface water quality and agricultural land in the Wide Bay for the food and water security of future generations, not only in our area, but for the food security of our nation.

I am passionate about the mental health of returned soldiers and farmers.

I am currently a volunteer fire fighter, a Rapid Response volunteer for the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps Overwatch group, the convener of the Cooloola Community Action Group and a full-time mother.

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